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ShoutOut Social combines digital communications, analytics, and social media to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience, build your 5-Star ratings, AND help you close more business faster.

How It Works

From the application through closing, ShoutOut Social seamlessly communicates with your customers, gathering unfiltered borrower feedback and insights into customer satisfaction levels at every stage of the mortgage process.

This level of connection allows you to identify and resolve customer issues real time – ensuring the best customer experience possible. This approach drives positive reviews and more closed loans.

It’s not just about the review.

Mortgage customers today want a high-tech and a high-touch experience. Consumers expect proactive service, personalized interactions, and easy electronic access to information and communication with their lender. ShoutOut Social is designed to make that happen by communicating with the consumer and analyzing their feedback throughout the loan process.  Dissatisfied customers are immediately identified and escalated to management so problems can be resolved. Happy customers are asked to share about their great experience, driving positive reviews and providing a complete communication history of satisfaction levels.

This process builds your online reputation while creating a powerful set of actionable insights that help you understand staff behavior and performance, and reward your real stars.

A smarter process for smarter mortgage companies






Keep your customers aware of what’s going on at all times. ShoutOut Social communicates with your customers and gathers valuable feedback at each phase of the mortgage process. You can provide relevant loan information, cross-sell information or reminders while providing an opportunity for the borrower to post great reviews about your company. It’s all available with ShoutOut Social.


Resolve any potential service issues. If the customer feedback is negative, management is immediately alerted and is able to address the issue. Managers are never in the dark about the performance of their staff and the satisfaction of customers. Plus, the data identifies areas for improvement within the business.


Collect unfiltered consumer feedback. The communications have easy, one-click feedback templates. Customer feedback is delivered as actionable data to management, shedding light on customer service and satisfaction levels.


Encourage and enable satisfied customers to post comments to social media. If a positive communication is received from the customer, they are prompted to share on social media or review sites. Since the customer is posting their review on their personal social sites, you don’t have to worry about compliance issues.

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Identify and Reward Top Performers

ShoutOut Social gathers insightful feedback from your customers and correlates that feedback with your critical production metrics such as:

  • Turn times
  • New applications by loan officer by day
  • Files per processor, underwriter or closer
  • Average resolution days
  • Underwriting resubmissions

You are able to pinpoint process problems, staff response issues, staff behavior, and performance problems. This enables you to identify and reward your star performers objectively and understand your most profitable producers while helping them build their online reputation.

Compliance that works for you

ShoutOut Social is so much more than a communications solution that builds your business and online reviews. ShoutOut Social can help you with compliance concerns, too.

  • Consumers, not your LO’s, are posting positive reviews about your company so there is minimal compliance concern.
  • Consumers are posting about you on personal sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Zillow.  How much more powerful is a great review posted by a consumer as opposed to a loan officer on the company site?
  • Reduce Fair Lending exposure by examining satisfaction levels of protected and non-protected groups.
  • Retain and compare customer satisfaction data with HMDA LAR data.

Recruit Top Talent

Benefit from the increase of positive reviews in a number of different ways. Mortgage companies with higher external reviews and positive reputations have an easier time retaining staff and hiring top talent. In today’s competitive environment, it is harder to recruit and retain the best-of-the-best. If your company does not have a good reputation, you generally pay a premium to attract top talent.

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Your Happy Customer Solution

ShoutOut Social gives you the tools to make better use of communication and customer feedback. Get intelligent alerts about reviews, manage incident reports, visualize your performance metrics, and so much more!

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We utilized spreadsheets extensively for reporting which created data integrity problems and focused the majority of the sophisticated reporting on one person.  Beyond the labor intensive process and key-person risk, we were not able to deploy critical information across the company to drive efficiency and provide performance visibility.

Mortgage Peer Network’s cavuBI management solution provided tremendous flexibility and enabled us to look at loan activity, turn times, loan touches and other related information at a very granular level.  We have largely eliminated our exposure to Excel spreadsheets and continue to roll out the solution to departments internally to provide work lists, alerts, scores and other important information that make each group more efficient and allows them to focus on what is important each day.  Our management team has the relevant information they need delivered to them automatically every day.

I believe cavuBI provides excellent ROI.  Mortgage Peer Network has been extremely responsive, has added a number of custom enhancements for us, and has turned what were previously general intuitions into quantifiable, targeted actions.

We highly recommend Mortgage Peer Network.

Gerrin Chenault, Director of Credit Risk and Project Administration, First United Bank Mortgage

It’s important to ensure our clients are happy throughout the entire home loan process, as well as, allowing us to tighten up in specific areas based on client responses.  Mortgage Peer Network provides us with a great product and the opportunity to do just that.

Mortgage Peer Network allows us to communicate with customers throughout the loan process, receive real-time unfiltered customer feedback, and helps us build our brand and online reputation.  We are much more visible on social media.

Thank you for helping us increase our level of service!

Amanda Herman, Corporate Marketing Director, Bank of England Mortgage

Put Customer Satisfaction Front and Center.

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