Communicate. Measure. Profit. Mortgage Peer Network makes it easy to communicate with customers and staff, measure performance, and optimize results. Our innovative solutions help you deliver an exceptional borrower experience, build your online brand and reputation, and turn your information into quantifiable customer feedback and targeted actions. Put Your Data to Work Today!


Volume is good, but are your margins too thin?

As a mortgage lender, top priorities include running an efficient and profitable business. You accomplish this by streamlining business processes, delivering a great customer experience, and investing in human capital.

What if you had a partner who could provide you with invaluable insight into accomplishing these priorities?

Through ShoutOut Social and cavuBI, Mortgage Peer Network enables you to gather meaningful information from and about your customers to help you deliver an unparalleled customer experience, AND deliver valuable business intelligence that can change the course of how you do business. Unlock the power in your data and your customer relationships – and close more business faster.

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ShoutOut Social

Give Customers a Voice

As a mortgage lender, top priorities include running an efficient and profitable business. You accomplish this by streamlining business processes, delivering a great customer experience, and investing in human capital.

Is your brand and social media hurting your business?


of all consumers go online to find or review their lender’s ratings.


trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.


of consumers say a negative online review impacts their overall buying decision.

So what does this all mean? It means that your online reputation has a huge impact on your success. ShoutOut Social helps you deliver a great customer experience and build your 5 Star ratings. Your customers always stay top of mind.

ShoutOut Social is a communication system that helps your customer understand the loan process, sets accurate expectations, and receives customer feedback throughout the loan process. With ShoutOut Social you can measure customer satisfaction levels at all times, gain essential information about your team’s performance and behavior, and build your brand on social media.

Waiting to survey your customers after the loan closes simply isn’t effective. If your customer was unhappy at any time before closing, they have likely already posted a negative review about you and there is very little you can do to recover from it. Be proactive and communicate with your customers at EVERY stage in the mortgage process and receive unfiltered feedback.

ShoutOut Social is your early warning system for customer problems. SOS Alerts identify and alert you to customer issues in real time. You are able to resolve customer issues promptly, improve your customers’ experience, and identify areas of poor service.  ShoutOut Social collects and organizes data from communications to help you understand service levels and can be used to analyze for Fair Lending exposure.

By deploying ShoutOut Social, you will:

  • Enhance your company’s reputation, recruiting efforts, and bottom line.
  • Resolve customer issues real time. Close more loans and minimize unhappy customers who write negative reviews.
  • Drive positive customer feedback.
  • Measure performance and staff behavior.

Here’s How It Works:

Our feedback loop

  • Communicate with customers at every stage of the mortgage origination process.
  • Send consistent communications to your customers from a management level.
  • Gather unfiltered feedback.
  • Build your online reputation and grow your business.

Communicate – Measure – Profit
A Better Approach






Keep your customer informed at every step of the process.


Collect unfiltered consumer feedback.


Negative responses are escalated to management to resolve any potential service issues. Customers who are having a good experience are prompted to share about their experience.


Encourage and enable satisfied customers to post about their experience on social media and review sites.

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From Information to Action

Turn your information into objective, targeted actions with cavuBI. cavuBI delivers your data in a clear and insightful way, empowering you to effectively measure and manage operations and production across the lending enterprise. Using our powerful mortgage performance management solution, your team will:

  • Focus immediately on critical business issues and opportunities
  • Analyze data faster
  • Objectively measure trends
  • Make objective data-driven decisions
  • Work smarter than competitors
  • Deliver a great customer experience
  • Create happier, more satisfied and efficient employees
  • Generate maximum profit
Man on Computer

Over 50 percent of businesses using BI tools said they achieved their goal of making better decisions and were able to predict trends and patterns.

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Actionable Information on Demand

cavuBI delivers a wide variety of insightful management information designed specifically for the mortgage enterprise. With cavuBi, you make better management decisions, change production velocity and improve overall organizational efficiency. cavuBI provides a wide variety of critical mortgage reporting with configurable and easy-to-use dashboards. Our approach focuses your team on what needs to be worked on now, provides valuable business insights, and helps you operate your business more intelligently.

cavuBI proactively pushes actionable information out to each sales leader, broker and team member and provides them with the information they need to perform their jobs better. cavuBI supports your production policies and pricing, and objectively measures which loan officers, branches, or TPO partners originate the most profitable production.

Increase operational efficiency, improve decision making, and increase your profit margin and revenue with cavuBI.

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We utilized spreadsheets extensively for reporting which created data integrity problems and focused the majority of the sophisticated reporting on one person.  Beyond the labor intensive process and key-person risk, we were not able to deploy critical information across the company to drive efficiency and provide performance visibility.

Mortgage Peer Network’s cavuBI management solution provided tremendous flexibility and enabled us to look at loan activity, turn times, loan touches and other related information at a very granular level.  We have largely eliminated our exposure to Excel spreadsheets and continue to roll out the solution to departments internally to provide work lists, alerts, scores and other important information that make each group more efficient and allows them to focus on what is important each day.  Our management team has the relevant information they need delivered to them automatically every day.

I believe cavuBI provides excellent ROI.  Mortgage Peer Network has been extremely responsive, has added a number of custom enhancements for us, and has turned what were previously general intuitions into quantifiable, targeted actions.

We highly recommend Mortgage Peer Network.

Gerrin Chenault, Director of Credit Risk and Project Administration, First United Bank Mortgage

It’s important to ensure our clients are happy throughout the entire home loan process, as well as, allowing us to tighten up in specific areas based on client responses.  Mortgage Peer Network provides us with a great product and the opportunity to do just that.

Mortgage Peer Network allows us to communicate with customers throughout the loan process, receive real-time unfiltered customer feedback, and helps us build our brand and online reputation.  We are much more visible on social media.

Thank you for helping us increase our level of service!

Amanda Herman, Corporate Marketing Director, Bank of England Mortgage

Put Customer Satisfaction Front and Center.

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