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Harness the power of your data with cavuBI. Our comprehensive mortgage business intelligence solution provides unsurpassed management and production information across the mortgage enterprise.

Advanced Technology Made Simple

Using the latest web-based technology, cavuBI consolidates information from multiple data sources into one easy-to-use solution. Information from loan origination systems, servicing, accounting, and other data sources can now be pulled together to enable smart and informed decisions.


  • Access a comprehensive suite of customizable scorecards, reporting, and dashboard analytics out-of-the-box.
  • Aggregate real-time data from multiple sources, minimizing the need for one-off Excel-driven reporting.
  • Customize dashboards to provide immediate visibility into critical business issues.
  • Display key performance indicators that identify critical areas that need your attention.
  • Utilize powerful “Data Table” dashboard objects that provide work queues and aid process efficiency for production staff.
  • Send intelligent alerts to staff members related to loan or data problems via text or email.
  • Create or customize reports for specific user needs using our Report Wizard. Can be exported into Excel for further analysis.
  • Automatically generate and distribute reports via email.
  • Accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Convert your data into actionable mortgage intelligence.

Data has real power when it can be aggregated, measured, and utilized to help you understand and optimize your business. cavuBI helps you measure efficiency, sales, and production costs, and focuses staff members on critical business issues that need immediate attention. Why spend valuable time analyzing reports that show you that 90 percent of your loans are right on track when you can have tools that pinpoint the loans and processes that are critical and need your immediate attention.

360 Performance Optimization

cavuBI identifies production problems and provides performance visibility into your operation. Exception reporting and critical dashboard metrics help you make insightful business decisions and run a more efficient and profitable operation.

A Superior Experience

Empower your staff to deliver a great customer experience.  Improve efficiency and service levels by helping your staff focus on what needs to be worked on every day and providing visibility into performance.  Production scorecards, turn-time analytics, and dashboard Key Performance Indicators  objectively measure performance and aid in running an even more profitable operation.

TPO Partners

Build your TPO business with cavuBI. Measure loan quality, volume and pull-through – and know when you are being adversely selected. cavuBI provides your partners with the critical information they need to build their business with you. Information can be automatically pushed out to partners and they can access production dashboards that detail their business with you. Keep your partners informed, reduce calls, and build your TPO business with cavuBI.

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Smarter Data

Data has never been the problem for mortgage lenders; but, pulling it all together to gain actionable insights from loan origination systems, spreadsheets, and servicing solutions has … until now. 

cavuBI brings your data together in a single web-based solution, combining comprehensive reporting from all areas of the organization. Real-time data will help you pinpoint and focus your attention on business problems that require immediate attention while helping you measure performance and plan for the future. With cavuBI, you can rest assured that loans will not “fall through the cracks” because your people didn’t know there was a problem. Empower your management team to analyze data on demand with cavuBI’s customizable views and reports, all with little IT intervention.

Key metrics on demand:

  • Pipeline Composition
  • Pipeline Velocity
  • Underwriting Turn Times – Loan Touches
  • Expected Closings
  • Regulatory Action Triggers
  • Corporate Cash-flow
  • Production and Sales Analyses
  • Early Defaults
  • Production Scorecards

Ready to Get Started?

The cavuBI Model Installation streamlines the entire implementation process. Standard processes and deliverables are pre-set for each job function so that you are never designing the system from the ground up. You simply customize proven and efficient processes that are already built into the system to meet your unique needs.

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We utilized spreadsheets extensively for reporting which created data integrity problems and focused the majority of the sophisticated reporting on one person.  Beyond the labor intensive process and key-person risk, we were not able to deploy critical information across the company to drive efficiency and provide performance visibility.

Mortgage Peer Network’s cavuBI management solution provided tremendous flexibility and enabled us to look at loan activity, turn times, loan touches and other related information at a very granular level.  We have largely eliminated our exposure to Excel spreadsheets and continue to roll out the solution to departments internally to provide work lists, alerts, scores and other important information that make each group more efficient and allows them to focus on what is important each day.  Our management team has the relevant information they need delivered to them automatically every day.

I believe cavuBI provides excellent ROI.  Mortgage Peer Network has been extremely responsive, has added a number of custom enhancements for us, and has turned what were previously general intuitions into quantifiable, targeted actions.

We highly recommend Mortgage Peer Network.

Gerrin Chenault, Director of Credit Risk and Project Administration, First United Bank Mortgage

It’s important to ensure our clients are happy throughout the entire home loan process, as well as, allowing us to tighten up in specific areas based on client responses.  Mortgage Peer Network provides us with a great product and the opportunity to do just that.

Mortgage Peer Network allows us to communicate with customers throughout the loan process, receive real-time unfiltered customer feedback, and helps us build our brand and online reputation.  We are much more visible on social media.

Thank you for helping us increase our level of service!

Amanda Herman, Corporate Marketing Director, Bank of England Mortgage

Put Customer Satisfaction Front and Center.

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